So what's this thing all about?

'A Little Girl Grows Up' originally began as blog site in 2014 , by  me, Juanae Crockwell. 

What began as an outlet for me to express my thoughts and share my experiences has grown into so many amazing things. Today 'A Little Girl Grows Up' is a brand and community that connects women of different backgrounds under one common theme - the desire to navigate life together and share in the growing process. 

We have grown so much together since that first blog post. Based in Bermuda, 'A Little Girl Grows Up' is now a support group  for women, a mentorship programme for teenage girls and a safe space for holistic healing and self-discovery. We host monthly meditation events, quarterly Sip & Share events and provide access to non-traditional mental health care through holisitc counselling and therapy. 

This is an authentic brand and it has been built on transparency and trust. I share myself and my life freely in the hopes that my story, the past and the present, will inspire you to love yourself, invest in your growth and truly live a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and lover of life. When you join this community you will receive little pieces  of who I am and I hope to get pieces of you in return as we grow together in strength, courage and greatness. 

Grow with me!

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About me...

The official version:


Juanae is a millennial woman, writer, administrative professional and motivational speaker. She is the owner of Inspire Consulting - a boutique administrative consulting business - and founder of A Little Girl Grows Up - a personal blog, support group and mentorship programme for women and girls of all ages. Juanae has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and is currently pursuing her Masters in Community Development.

In 2015, after years of struggling with self-esteem, addiction and relationship failures, Juanae launched her personal blog, A Little Girl Grows Up, and unintentionally stumbled into her purpose. By sharing openly about her past mistakes, failures and struggles, Juanae was able to relate with a whole community of women who had been through similar experiences. This blog quickly grew into an intimate support group for women of all ages, races and backgrounds. 

Over the years Juanae has learned how to turn tragedy into triumph through honest self-reflection, hard work and a belief and trust in a power greater than herself. In 2019 she received her Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development in order to equip her to serve others.  It is her mission and life’s work to share her process from pain to purpose with women in Bermuda and around the world, women who need to be reminded that despite any circumstance, they are strong, they are courageous, and they are great.

The unofficial version:

I'm just a girl on a journey towards God, self love and joy. 

I am a mother. 

Three amazing little boys call me Mommy and they are the greatest blessings life has ever given me. 

Motherhood birthed the nurturer in me. 

I am a motivator. 

After motivating myself to take control of and change my own life, I found myself longing to give this gift that I had found to others. 

I am an entrepreneur. 

I took my talents and created a business (Inspire Consulting BDA) and now I teach other women how to do the same thing.

I am a healer.

I empower women to find healing from personal trauma, break limiting patterns of thought and/or behaviour and find the courage within to live their best lives. 

I am a story teller.

 Through this blog, social media,  features in the local media and speaking engagements I have shared my story of triumph through tragedy to encourage others to trust the process of their life. 

(Stay tuned for my memoir!)